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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Tom's Response to Against Reductionism

You wrote a very good piece; congratulations.

But let’s talk about the topic: What appears to be clear is that the situation in Syria isn’t like the “revolutions for democracy” that happened in the rest of the Arab world. Syria, of course, isn’t a democracy, but neither is China nor Singapore.

A non-democratic country and a tyranny are very different from each other. And there is surely nothing more simplistic and unwise than dividing reality between “good and bad boys.”

Anyway, what appears to be happening in Syria is a civil war, and a bloody one. Many countries have experienced serious internal conflicts, and many took years and took thousands of lives until one side defeated the other. But I think it is really unwise to mess up in one instance, just to end up trapped in the middle of something worse.

P.S. Sorry, English isn't my mother language.