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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Noro’s Response to The US and Pakistan: Keeping Friends Close and Enemies… Out

A good article, but moving forward, where does that leave us? It is well known that Pakistan has developed nuclear weapons, what is unknown is how many they have. After we disown them, is there any advantage other than not having to hear them whine? Unless we invade Pakistan like we did Afghanistan, no positive change will happen. Here is my case:

Is it wise to kick an “ally” to the curb so he can become our enemy, and so-what if they are behaving like a sneaky little brother? Pakistan shares a hostile border with India, the only hostile border in the world between states with nuclear weapons. Pakistan is a long-time enemy of Iran, which is our enemy a country seeking nuclear weapons. Pakistan, while it leaves much to be desired, does share intelligence with us and cooperates with our intelligence agencies so they can operate inside to country. How did we expect them to behave? We are dictating unpopular domestic policy to their government and paying no attention whatsoever to their request that we end drone strikes inside their country.

These countries we are invading, Iraq, Afghanistan and [effectively] Pakistan are not the United States. They think differently, they worry about different issues and they fear for their survival because they live in a rough neighborhood. Of course they are wary of us and want our money, that is how you survive in that part of the world. I’m not saying we shouldn’t cut our funding to them, but we better think twice before we do anything because of their “bad attitude”. As a little brother, I will tell you that little brothers who are as sneaky as Pakistan have usually been conditioned over time to be that way, usually by someone close to them.